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Tom Meyer is a freelance, professional photographer available for assignment work almost anywhere in the world.

Traveling extensively, he has accumulated a wide variety of quality images ranging from nature to landscapes and include people from different countries.

At the same time the photographer has also established a reputation for his work in creating black and white images.

When asked about his photography, Tom responded that his goal was to produce creative emotive images based on visual design techniques and abstract formats.

The photographer has also exhibited his work in local and international exhibitions while continuing to teach photography.


On a more personal note....

My life has taken me to many varied and beautiful places on our planet.  My childhood in New Zealand allowed me to appreciate the wonders of the nature surrounding us whether viewed close up as abstracts or combined into a landscape of colors.

In some cases where the combination of light and shade seemed more important, as with the varied textures, patterns and shapes to be found in the desert, I found the use of black and white (monochrome) to be more appropriate. 

My travels have allowed me to meet many people of different cultures in a wide variety of places around the world ranging from Europe to the Sahara Desert crossing the Middle East to India, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The website gallery contains a few images that I took on color slides (and later scanned) and more recently digital images using my Sony cameras and different quality lens.  The gallery is updated with new images on a regular basis.

A more recent section was added to the Gallery under the heading of Lifestyle.

As the name suggests this is a collection of images that did not seem to fit into the other sections but never the less indicated an important way that different people around the world spend their lives.

I have tried to capture the feelings I experienced while taking an image as a special moment captured for eternity by a unique line joining the eye, the mind and particularly the heart.  Clearly it would be too much to expect to have the viewer experience those same feelings but perhaps the viewed image stirred something of value or perhaps a connection to some past experience.

Your thoughts, comments and feedback would be appreciated and if you have any questions you can reach me by filling the form below.

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